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Project  #1

Case Study

Date 8-Oct-2016

Ponbadi and village near Tiruttani about 100 Kms from Chennai, India.

Problem Identification

Ponbadi is a village near Tiruttani which is about 100 kms from Chennai. Our visit to the village reveled that there is an immediate need in education development for school going children. Children are less encouraged and motivated to complete their schooling. This resulted in school dropouts at eighth grade and lack of guidance and ignorance make them fall in risk category. Children are addicted to alcohol and get influenced to anti-social activities. Young men and young and women become unemployed and struggle for livelihoods.

The health status of the village is very poor due to addition and other improper health seeking behavior. Mortality among men is very high which leaves most of the women to be widows in the village. At this note in many families’ women is the only member to generate income for their family.

Solution Conceived

We at iThots as a team analysed the problem and came to solution to start a iThots Knowledge Centre in the locality. We identified a location and planning to start a computer center with internet and video conference facility to engage the children with experts for guidance and professional training. The Computer centre also will be conducting basic computer training programs for children.

iThots will continuously engage in children activity monitoring and helping the children in meetups to various successful and popular professionals of various domains.

We have seeded the hope among the children and recorded many of their ambitions. They wish to become a Police Officer, Engineer, Doctor & Teachers etc. We have promised to arrange workshops with current achievers and well wishers in the domain to encourage and guide them.

What we need

iThots really needs the help of well-wishers who could help us to make our dream come true and to bring a change in the culture and society. We would like you to be a part of our voluntary activities. At iThots we meet these expenses with a part of our income generated through our Software & Web Development projects. iThots will be involved in transforming lives of the society. You can be a part of our initiative by referring us for any IT Projects.