Why should I own a domain name?

There are various reasons why someone should own a domain name. If you are doing a business the specific domain name helps to promote your business in several ways. It creates a brand name identity and easy rememberable. Domain name promotes SEO hence creates more visibility in the search engine results. Also, you can have your brand extension in mails hence you have authoritative and authenticated communication.

There are several reasons why you should own a domain name. Now let’s look at how to choose your domain name. There are many aspects you should consider before purchasing a domain. Here are some I have listed below hope it will help you.

I have given 7 tips for choosing a perfect domain name.

1. Make it easy to remember

Catchy domain names play a critical part in the success of a website. While choosing a domain name try to get a simple and easy rememberable name.

People are often diverted and landed on other websites by typing a wrong, misspelled or complex domain name. Thus losing the visitors to their websites. Keep in mind that when we tell the domain name over the phone the other end receiver should easily understand and spell the word correctly this is the key to the success of any website.

2.Short & Easy Rememberable

Try to get a domain name that is very short and sweet. People don’t remember lengthy words so while choosing a domain name keep in mind that the name should be short or fewer characters also with some identity that they could easily remember.

3.Keyword Based

Search for a domain name with keywords that are closely related to your business or service, this helps in promoting your brand in various ways also its will reflect the core of your website and easily establish your brand. e.g If your business is the mobile store you can choose something like www.mobileshop.com

4. Avoid Hyphens And Number

However, Hyphens (-) are allowed in domain names there is much confusion and misunderstanding due to these so the best way is to avoid Hyphens. Also, there will be much confusion when a Numerical is added in a domain name e.g www.text2speech.org when we communicate this domain name orally people usually misunderstand or confused with 2 if its “2” or “two” the best practice its to avoid those confusions by choosing a domain name without Hyphens & Numbers.


The extensions are the word comes after a ( . ) in a domain name. There are various extensions available today based on the type of business we do, the geographical locations other fancy extensions, etc. In general, companies prefer .com extension its general extension and most popularly used. Due to the lack of available names, in .com we can alternately choose .net or other extensions.

Organizations usually prefer to go with .org extensions. Also, there are extensions based on Country specific e.g .sg which is used in Singapore, .in which is used in India, .us which is used in the USA.

There are many service-based extensions available today to showcase the specific area service provided by the companies or organizations e.g .edu is for educational purposes, .tv is for television broadcast companies.

So be clear of your service and area of operations before you choose your extension. The cost of each extension varies depending on the values and some domains are reserved only for govt organizations eg .gov

6. Find your name in Social Media

Now you have chosen your domain name the next important task is to find the domain name you selected is available on social media platforms. Since social media today involves a great part in branding in the modern world this is a mandate. There are many tools that search for the availability of names on social media. You can check your name across all networks at once is Namechk. Another tool is called knowem. Once you find your desired name available on major social media platforms you’re ready to purchase your domain name.

7. Make money with purchased domains

There are many websites where you can sell the domain name you own.
Godaddy a leading domain and hosting provider offers a platform where you can register a domain name which could be a fancy, most wanted, More Service-specific domains and offer for sale a domain that initially cost a few bucks can be worth a lot of money to the right buyer. It’s a mutual benefit the domain owner gets more money than he purchased and the buyer gets to take off a business to the next level.


Having you own domain name is going to take you business to the next level and it’s going to travel all over your success. It’s going to be years with you. Don’t forget to renew your purchased domain name.