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Christianbells.com team had an amazing idea that helps to find the bride and grooms for young people looking for marriage in India. Since in India most marriages happen arranged by the parents the team spotted a problem and approached iThots for digital solution.

Problem Identified

To get the solution for this problem Christian bells team has to go with a digital solution where the users can find the desired profiles.


The goal of this project is to develop cutting edge Web based application that can adapt any devices of the user to search and communicate with the desired profile. The application has to be developed in SEO and user friendly.


iThots researched on the particular problem, designed and developed a Web based Application, where it met the requirement of the client. The users can register their profile for free. The users can also search the desired profiles with category and other search criteria.

The Application was developed in PHP and Mysql stack with a secured framework. The application is controlled by the administrator in the backend with the CMS developed by iThots. The UI is user friendly and Search Engines Optimised.